This is a trailer for a book released today by Perth Cafe Racer member Loukas Mexis called Shoot Me (one final click). Loukas currently resides in Greece but will be moving to Perth in a month or so to study at Murdoch University.

I was having a whinge on the PCR Facebook page that all motorcycle promo vids were the same i.e. a guy rides a motorcycle (usually slowly) while the cameraman pans in and out, in and out, in and out of focus giving you a headache.

None of the vids ever have a story…..until now.

Loukas stars as the rider on his Royal Enfield on his way to a photoshoot with a model. As Loukas enters, she says “hello” and he replies. The tagline says “Dont forget, that you’ll meet the woman of your dreams by saying hello”

I asked Loukas for more info and this is what he said…

“This clip was filmed around the coastline of Athens, featuring my dear Royal Enfield Trials Bastard bike, the pretty girl/model and myself. More about the bike in a few. The clip is to promote my 2nd greek novel as if it would be a movie- and its pretty interesting that it did get the hype i hoped for. It is about a young guy who returns home after some years and tries to set up a new life as a professional photographer, starting from zero upwards. The two things that keep him sane during his insane life is his photography and his love for motorbikes. Although the trailer features my RE, in the book the character actually rebuilds a Husqvarna CR400 from the 70s and a Bonneville T100.

The trailer states at the end that “Keep in mind, even the woman of your dreams will come into your life by just saying hello” -hello being the word both characters say muted, just before the titles. The book’s full name is Shoot me [one final click].

The book will be released in Greece on the 20th of June, it is my second (first one was Shoebox released June 2010) and the first that will eventually get translated once we find the budget to do so (maybe will come into play).

About my dear Trials Bastard: It is an old 90s Bullet frame, with a 05 kick and e starter 500cc carburated engine, Trials handlebars, Dunlop K70 classic tyres, pancake airfilter, an actual Norton seat i got from Burton Bikes Uk and a Triumph scrambler grill for the front headlamp. Some minor detailing and a trials exhaust was in plan, but my moving down under will pause the project.

More info about the book @
for the Greek speaking world. There will eventually be an English web version.

All Greeks around AU can definitely communicate with me via contact form there, I can’t wait to promote the book there as well, first one was a best seller in Greece in just 101 days.”

Good onya Loukas

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