So I guess that “Tumblr pro” free is Tumblr’s April Fool’s joke. The promo video is a dead giveaway btw. I opted not to click on “Go Pro”, mainly because I’m scared Dean Winchester will appear and chop my head off .

Finding Tallahassee


What hits me whenever someone mentions Tallahassee is that, even though the city is named after a Native American toponym (old city), there’s this thing: Θάλασσα (thalassa) is an ancient Greek word that means the sea. And whenever I hear Emma talking about finding Tallahassee I can’t help but think that she’s unconsciously looking for the sea. I know only one man in the show with the sea in his veins.


Love this point. “Θαλασσα” is also the oldest ancient word in the Greek language that is also spoken and used in the exact same way in modern Greek. Also, may I point out Eddie Kitsis is Greek-American? Hehe. ;)( 

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Episode 1:13: Ready

Having learned the truth about her werewolf origins, Elena reunites with the Pack to prepare for a final stand against the Mutts.

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Once Upon a Time 3x16 Promo “It’s Not Easy Being Green”


3x15 “Quiet Minds” Sneak Peek #2

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BITTEN 112 “Caged” Sneak Peek (by Greyston Holt Italia)


1.12 Caged - Episode Stills || Includes painful spoilers just be ready for it! 

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